Esperante Development dares to

be different, to be brave, to be bold…

Agility, Flexibility & Diversity….

Esperante Development is an international development company with a dedicated focus on innovation and development of novel medical treatments to support better outcomes for healthcare professionals, their patients, pharmaceutical partners and the Sever Life Sciences group. Esperante Development is active across multiple therapies, but is currently focussed on the development of novel products, and innovative treatments in Ophthalmology and sterile products. You can explore our ongoing projects at Our Projects.

We manage the full development of a wide medical portfolio that covers multiple therapeutic areas, including clinical phases. Esperante Development supports and manages a project’s journey through clinical phases with our team of industry experts. Our experienced leadership team forms an actively integrated component guiding the seamless team collaboration in delivery of successful outcomes.

Open positions


Work with us to provide access for everyone to high-quality medication.

With our expertise in tech transfers and generic medication, we are able to offer affordable options for those in need.

Legal Claims


We are committed to being transparent about the data we process about you.

For example, we will inform you about the way our company applies data protection principles and your privacy rights.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our core values are reflected in our Corporate Social Responsibility, which are environmental responsibility, ethical responsibility, philanthropic responsibility and economic responsibility. We incorporate this philosophy with our staff to cover diversity and inclusion, governance, well-being and employee engagement.

Environmental Social Governance

We hold three pillars or principles of Environmental Social Governance; environmental, social and economic sustainability. Environmental Social Governance is a key component in how we form our business strategies and decisions. 

Esperante Development dares to be different, to be brave, to be bold…


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