We are Esperante Development,

we discover, we explore

& we innovate.

Dare to be different, to be brave, to be bold…

Esperante Development is an international development company with a dedicated focus on innovation and development of novel medical treatments to support better outcomes for healthcare professionals, their patients, pharmaceutical partners and the Sever Life Sciences group.

We are business scientists with an entrepreneurial spirit to create solutions in a brave, new world.

We look to the future and ask one simple question: “What if?”

Esperante Development has a dynamic team, that incorporates an entrepreneurial mindset. Our smaller, linear structure allows us higher agility and flexibility to client needs and environmental requirements than our competitors who have more complex corporate structures.

Esperante Development is one of three affiliate companies that form Sever Life Sciences. Sever Life Sciences is a €300m organisation, that employs 900 people in three continents. It forms the holding company for Nordic Pharma, Sever Pharma Solutions, and Esperante Development.

When an urgent medical solution is required rapidly, traditional pharmaceutical development methods are sub-optimal. By taking these learnings and observations forward into a brave new world, we at Esperante Development embrace this rapid, agile approach.

At Esperante Development we are passionate about being Human. We develop, we evolve, we care for those around us and our environment, and when needs drive us, we innovate.

We dare to be different, we dare to be brave, we dare to be bold…


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